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It can cost companies their good reputation and a great deal of money, if due to lack of intercultural competence, businesses at home or abroad collapse, or qualified staff resign. To this end, Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting assists companies with intelligent preparation and sensitivity in relation to foreign countries and their cultures so as to achieve maximum international results.

Verena Falkner holds a degree in “Intercultural Studies”, she is an author of various books, a marriage and family guidance counsellor and a life coach. She lectures internationally, specializing in the Orient and the Gulf States.

Offered: Services and Know-how

Intercultural Consulting and Intercultural training for businesses and individuals

Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting provides intercultural training for companies and individuals in the educational and services sectors and in tourism (training for hotel, cookery and service personnel etc.).
The target groups are executives and professionals in industry and business, public institutions, the services sector, educational institutions and also individuals seeking intercultural advice and assistance.

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