FalknerCoverCommunication is a highly complex process which reacts very sensitively to any form of disturbance- verbally as well as non-verbally.

  • Who greets whom first? You receive a noble invitation and are the last to arrive in a room where all guests are already present. Who do you greet first and in which order do you proceed?
  • Titles are, at least in Austria, a delicate matter. Do you know how to correctly address whom and how?
  • Do you know what to wear at your next important business meeting followed by an evening reception?

If you are looking for the answers, then it is time to refresh and improve your manners. Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting provides you with the necessary know-how. You will also be introduced to the business and manners of the oriental and Arab world.

Interactive Presentations / Keynote Speaking

Verena Falkner’s lectures are exciting, varied and entertaining. As a keynote speaker, she offers them a charming, welcome introduction to your program!

Etiquette and good appearance

Do you go up the stairs before or after the lady, who do you greet first, who ends the dinner, when is it time to leave an invitation?

Good manners and manners are no luxury – treat yourself to a seminar with Verena Falkner.

“Do and Dont’s” in the Arabian and Oriental regions

You would like to move to the United Arab Emirates with your families and have questions? You will be working in the Gulf States and want to avoid manners mistakes? Would you like to send your employees to the UAE and have them trained for their new duties? Take the chance to get advice from Verena Falkner.

Coaching and Wellbeing – the SPA for the soul

Life demands daily, and often overtaxes it to the limit of strength, willingness and ability.

Take a break and treat yourself to conversations, advice and tips that will do you good, relax you and lower your stress level.

Your benefit:
– new insights
– their personal development
– they discover new possibilities for action
– they improve their appearance

For individuals and companies

You want to improve customer contact
You are searching for the causes of the malfunctions
There are personnel changes in your company
Structural changes influence communication
They ask themselves why they have a high employee fluctuation rate.

The meetings are confidential and subject to confidentiality.