Kulturelles Know-how

Do you know what “Halal” means and do you know why you weren’t offered tea last time?

It can cost companies a good reputation and a lot of money if business at home and abroad bursts or qualified personnel resigns due to a lack of intercultural competence. That is why Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting supports companies in a good preparation and sensitization for foreign countries and cultures in order to achieve an international top result.

Conscientious preparation promotes personal development, but also contributes significantly to establishing new business contacts and opening up new economic perspectives. Therefore a good interculturally reflected training is recommended, which points out the peculiarities for the vocational secondment.

Verena Falkner, Intercultural Consulting offers intercultural training courses for companies and individuals in the education, service and tourism sectors (training for hotel, cooking and service personnel, etc.).
The target groups are executives and professionals from industry and commerce, public institutions, the service sector, educational institutions and individuals seeking intercultural counselling and support.

Trainings for companies

Today, companies are networked worldwide, and fast, efficient action by individuals is required. The art of making the right decision is becoming increasingly difficult. It is an art to take the right steps and fill key positions with the right people. Many building blocks have to fit, intercultural understanding of those involved is often assumed. Offer your employees the opportunity for intercultural training, which promotes intercultural awareness, tailored to the specific focus of your company.

Team Building Events

A workshop with Verena Falkner is the perfect way to ensure that not everyone cooks his or her own soup, but that everyone can contribute their personal strengths in the same pot. Situations are analysed, the team spirit promoted, wishes and worries taken seriously.

Consulting for multicultural teams

Intercultural Workshops

Do you know what “Halal” means and do you know why you weren’t offered tea last time? Non verbal communication exists in every culture: building bridges, reducing prejudices, illuminating situations from a different point of view – that is the aim of the joint workshop.

Your intercultural marketing

Verena Falkner, Intercultural Consulting will advise you on the preparation.

The meetings are confidential and subject to secrecy!

Feedback from participants

“Authentic Presentation”
“Lecture was very informative and interesting.”
“Practical lecture”
“Performer knows what she’s talking about”
“Practical lecture”
“Very competently and positively presented.”
“It’s relevant to my work, because some of my bosses come from the Arab world.”
“Lecturer has a lot of commitment and liveliness.”
“Very interesting and informative lecture – I liked it very much. Thanks for the insights into “real” life”.
“Lecturer is very sympathetic speaker.”
“Varied lecture with many impressions.”
“Interesting insight into foreign cultures”
“Many personal questions were answered.”
” Lecture was interesting, lifelike – simply good”
“Very entertaining, practical and interesting.”
“Very interesting lecture. Lecturer has a lot of experience, you can tell”.
“Lecturer has a lot of humor and full vigor.”

(Source: Audience feedback based on the OMC written survey, 2009)