The Beirut-Donation-Challenge: 5 Euro – 50 days – 5000 Euro

Foto von Kelna Inta

Good morning my dears,

An explosion catastrophe of unimaginable dimensions has occurred on Beirut. The resulting pain and suffering of the population can hardly be put into words. Collapsed houses, devastated streets, emergency shelters in tents, social street kitchens and temporary hospitals currently characterize the cityscape of Beirut.

As author of numerous books, with a longstanding research focus on the Gulf States and the Orient, I would like to help the people in need there as soon as possible.

What can our joint contribution look like?

I can offer you my classical books, the cookbook and the Spice Book, at a special price. 5,00 Euro per book will be donated to Beirut. From my spices, the bestsellers, 1,50 Euro will be donated – a “spice taler” so to say. The postage is, as usual, unfortunately to be paid by yourself. Emergency situations require uncomplicated action – just send me an e-mail with your order. (Maybe you are already looking for Christmas or birthday presents).

Of course you can also donate without placing an order. Every little donation helps!

Your money will get in good hands!

On the one hand I will forward the donations to the young Lebanese Mayssam Tannous, who founded the NGO “Kelna Inta” in her home country in 2016. Since the catastrophe, she and her team are in permanent operation. You can read her story on my homepage.

On the other hand the “Austrian Red Cross” will be supported, which is tirelessly working day and night on the spot and assists the Lebanese Red Cross. For Austria, Lisa Taschler, a young woman from Styria, is working there.

On my homepage, on Instagram and on Facebook I will regularly report about the relief work of both organizations with photos, interviews etc. So you can follow the help that is also yours. And if you wish, I will publish your names or companies on my homepage.

Take part, every purchase, every donation – everything counts!


For Books:

(informations you will find here )

“The scent of paradise. Great Secrets of Arabic Cuisine” – 16,50 Euro

“Arab love spices. Little Secrets of Arabic Cuisine” – 15,00 Euro

For Spices:

(Informations you will find here )

Love curry of the Bedouins – 7,50 Euro

Tyrolean fried potato spice – 7.50 Euro

Sexpepper – 8,50 Euro

And here is a special ‘candy’ for you: For every purchase worth 50,00 Euro you get a spice as a gift.

The account is:

Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting

Please note “Beirut” on the payment receipt

Hypo Tirol Bank: AT44 5700 0300 5558 8519

Thank you all very much for your help!