A pinch of “1001 nights”

A pinch of “1001 nights

for the exceptional enjoyment

High quality
without additives
without flavor enhancers
from the best growing regions
weighed by hand and mixed
packed with love for you

Bread spice for flat bread

This wonderful, finely tuned composition is for me a “must” for home-baked bread and flat bread. For sprinkling or baking.

Sumach of Persia

The dried red berry fruits taste pleasantly to sour and fruity. Refreshing for salads, dips or sprinkle over the finished grilled food. Fits to all foods that would fit lemon juice.


It is the soul of the kitchen of 1001 Nights and is characterized by its wonderful aroma. Fits almost to all salty foods.


It is a spice mixture from the Oriental and Arabian area. I like mixing it with olive oil and spreading them on hot or warm bread, using it as a dip or marinating meat or fish.

Love curry of the bedouins

It is ideal for poultry, fish and vegetables, as well as stews and tagine dishes. I also use it for seasoning rice and couscous.

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