About Verena

“A man’s salary is not decisive for his value. What counts is the individual’s sense of dignity and self-respect” (HH Sheikh Zayed al Nayhan)

Verena Falkner M.A

author, lecturer, your expert for the Gulf States and the Orient

Verena Falkner is an internationally active lecturer and consultant with a lot of experience who supports and advises people with her know-how and coaching between cultures.  Grown up in Austria, Italy and France and due to a stay of several years in the Gulf States and the Orient, she knows about the peculiarities of the different cultures and founded the management consultancy “Verena Falkner Intercultural Consulting” and “Alpine-Oriental Cuisine by verena falkner”.

Verena Falkner is the author of numerous books, including a business etiquette for the United Arab Emirates.


Master of Arts M.A. (in Intercultural Studies)Postgraduate University Diploma in Intercultural Competence

Development in deep psychological-analytical psychology as a marriage, family and life counsellor

Certified Project Manager

Studies of Law

Prizes, Awards:

2014: Selected by the ORF III editorial team among the most creative entrepreneurial ideas of Austria’s EPUs.

2013 :Among the winners of the Austrian competition of the WKO: “My EPU – the Video”, in which the most creative entrepreneurial ideas were selected and authenticity was an important factor


Member of the AACC “Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce “

Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Member of “Deutsche Knigge-Gesellschaft”

Member of “Freunde von St. Georgenberg”.