Alpine Cuisine by Verena Falkner

by Verena Falkner

What inspires body and soul more than culinary art?

I always loved the delights of oriental and Arabic food culture. And I was fortunate to acquire an extensive knowledge of these wonderful cuisines. One of my passions is baking bread in different varieties. My passion is mixing and matching different cooking cultures.

Taste and enjoy the “scent of paradise” (the old Arabic phrase for spices) and enter with me into the culinary world of 1001 nights.

My cooking shows and cooking courses have so far taken place in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Austria and Germany. I was invited as a guest chef in fine, noble restaurants and in Azerbaijan I cooked on breakfast television.

My offer to you:

  • Team building cooking and baking courses for you and your employees
  • Cooking courses for singles and all those who do not want to cook alone anymore
  • Intercultural cooking courses
  • Cooking courses just for fun and joy of doing it
  • For interested people from the oriental/Arabian area. There is a ladies-only program on request!
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