by Verena Falkner


What inspires body and soul more than culinary art!

As a cookbook author and a gourmet of spices is one of my greatest passion the culinary combination of different cultures.

Since time immemorial, I love the treasures of Oriental and Arabic food culture and have been able to acquire in the course of time an extensive knowledge of this wonderful cuisine.

My cooking shows and cooking classes in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Austria and Germany are often visited by gourmets.

My specialties include baking bread in many different variations.

Try and enjoy with me the “scent of paradise” (that is the old Arabic expression for the spices) and immerse yourself in the world of pleasure from 1001 Nights.


 My offer

  • Team building cooking and baking courses for you and your staff
  • Cooking classes for singles and all who do not want to cook alone
  • Intercultural cooking classes
  • Cooking courses only for fun and joy
  • Upon request, I also like to offer, for example, for ladies from the Arab/Oriental countries, a special “women’s program”