Good morning Tirol, with heart, brain and common sense

Good morning dear Tyroleans!

Welcome to my homepage! The current situation demands a lot from each of us. The media are overwhelming us almost 24 hours a day with new, alarming information about the corona virus. Now it’s time to act with brain, heart and common sense. Sadness, fear, panic – many people are now in this phase. Therefore it is very important to take care of your mental health. My contributions should give you courage and also bring you a little bit of sunshine and good thoughts your changed daily life.

There are enough people in our environment who have serious illnesses, are lonely, for whom there is nothing worse than to suffer even more isolation now. Therefore:

Tips with and for the heart:

  • think about who lives alone in your household and environment and needs help. Are there old people for whom you can buy something when you go shopping? Direct contact is not necessary, ring the bell, ask through the door if you can help, introduce yourself briefly, change phone numbers, so let’s go.
  • In our time of single households, there are many people who without work, canteen visits, fitness studios etc. are losing many social contacts. This also affects young adults for whom this is a new and unfamiliar situation. Telephoning, positive talking, listening, perhaps meeting in the morning ( almost nobody is there yet) for a walk in the woods. Of course without hugging and coughing. Keep a healthy distance, so let’s go.
  • The unusual 24-hour get-together also takes getting used to, disputes are preprogrammed, lets hope that they have a positive ending. But when the dear little ones get bored at home all day long and their parents have to work for their home office in the same room, then things get critical. So, ask around, who can use help, talk things over, take the children of the neighbours with you when you go for an early walk in the fresh air (safety distance!). As you can see, work is coming up, we will not get bored, so let’s go!

Tips for the common sense:

  • Why are the shops closing on Monday? – right, to reduce the infection to a minimum. If, like yesterday, hundreds of people storm the grocery markets, don’t keep their distance, attack a lot of things, tear things out of each other’s hands and have to wait endlessly at the cash desk, it’s super contra productive. There are also other diseases besides the corona virus, like flu, bronchitis, various childhood diseases etc. So turn on your common sense, wait for Monday, think during the weekend what you need, what is really necessary, what does your family need. (Beer, coke, chips and cookies are tasty, but with a reasonable stocking it doesn’t really have anything to do), write everything down, fill up the car, so let’s go.
  • And buy some flowers while you are on your way. Decorate your window bars, the balcony and the apartment with them and be happy about the colours and the smell. It’s good for your heart, your body and your mind, so let’s go.

Tips for the brain:

  • The information in the media about the Coroan-Virus is repetitive. Think about the times when you get the information. It’s not good stressing yourself all day long with negative reports, via newspaper, television, radio, internet, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. We know that we have to protect ourselves, that this is only possible with distance and minimization of social contacts (that’s how it is with viral diseases), and we know that this is a new life situation for us. So get your head and your brain free for nice thoughts in the meantime, talk about other things than the negative and get the corner of your mouth lifted ( makes you also much prettier), and let’s go.

Another personal tip from me. I have been always saying in my lectures that rituals are very important from the beginning. They will help you and will give you power in emergency and exceptional situations. Get up, do some gymnastics, 10 minutes is enough at the beginning, enjoy your cup of coffee or tea, enjoy your coffee in the afternoon, maybe a bath in the evening. There are countless possibilities!

See you tomorrow – all the best and healthy for you today !