Herbal salt “for the fish”

This is the long-sought spice mix for the fish fans.

Boiled and stewed fish thus receive the refinement,

which he deserves after the crystal clear water.


Flower mix of the Tyrolean alm

Memories of the summer awake.

Refine with the dried, magical Alm-blossoms your food

and spice up your dessert creations.

A request of nature to us.

My favorite bread

Hearty and strong, that’s how you know the bread from the Alps.

The mixture goes well with yeast doughs as well as rye flour doughs.

This makes the cozy “snack” to a culinary highlight.


Fried potato from Tyrol

Spicy and crispy – that’s how the fried potatoes taste in Tyrol.

The home advantage of this onion mixture: the onions are already there.

Thus, the watery eyes are spared when cutting onions.



Enchants your food into an erotic fireworks display.

This seductive pepper blend lets your senses dance.


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